Frequently Asked Questions

What is GeniusMesh?

GeniusMesh is a closed NETWORK of executives to explore confidential opportunities with each other. It also offers companies to recruit passive candidates for confidential roles, faster! We bring you the world's best and brightest talent fast! We focus on strengthening the opportunities network.

Who can benefit from using our platform?

Any graduate and alum of the top EMBA programs around the globe can sign up as a hiring manager or as a candidate.

Why would companies hire from you?

First, it is a very selective pre-vetted qualified pool of candidates. More than 90% of the executives in the network are passive candidates. We also use advanced mechanisms to suggest the candidates who are likely to consider the role.

Why would candidates sign up with you?

This is a trusted, closed network - which allows alums, candidates, hiring managers share opportunities with each other in a confidential manner. They are able to find jobs that are not open to the market yet.

What kind of job opportunities will be available through GeniusMesh?

We only focus on the hidden job market where referrals and networking play a key role in the hiring process. Our goal is to bring only the Director and above level roles! Most of the roles we focus on are not published in the market.

Do you share candidate’s data with anyone?

It is a confidential platform. We don’t share your information with anyone.

Do you aggregate jobs from other sites?

We don’t aggregate jobs from other sites and we don’t post our jobs elsewhere.

Where will these positions be based?

You will be able to find career advancement opportunities around the globe!

If you have any queries; please contact