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Services We Offer

1:1 Executive Coaching

A high-touch process for executives to focus and grow in tailored opportunity areas to unleash
their true potential.

Executive Team Alignment

Only 20% of teams are high performing! Executive team alignment helps teams reach peak performance by unleashing hidden talents and strengths.

Group Coaching

A scalable solution for leadership development that deepens self-awareness and
increases performance.

Benefits of Coaching for Executives -
Backed by Numbers

Typical ROI for Executive Coaching
Executives increase performance after coaching
Executive teams are high performing
Increase in team performance after executive team alignment
1:1 Executive Coaching

Maximize Leadership Effectiveness with Executive Coaching

  • Only 30-50% of executives are actually successful in new roles. In part, it's because only 20% know how to lead their teams to high performance.
  • Executive coaching is an effective solution to help leaders navigate challenges like burnout and reduced retention. In fact, 70% of coaching clients increase performance after coaching and there is 7x ROI for businesses - for every $ spent on executive coaching, a $7 return for businesses.
Executive Team Alignment

Amplify Team Effectiveness with Executive Team Alignment

  • Teams are the engines of performance for organizations but only 20% of teams are actually high performing! Executive team alignment solves critical business problems because our coaches help executives cut through the noise to focus on driving outcomes in an increasingly complex environment.
  • Individual executive coaching is an important tool in the toolkit for achieving high performance. However, the success of individual executives needs to be contextualized in terms of the broader executive team. Put simply, relying only on individual executive coaching is like focusing on optimizing only one system in the body, instead of optimizing the whole person for high performance.
  • Executive team alignment leverages highly skilled practitioners who set up leadership teams for more success than they would receive with individual executive coaching alone. In fact, executive team alignment can increase team performance by 50%.
Group Coaching

A Scalable and High-Impact Leadership Development Solution

  • Executive group coaching is a short-term, highly focused leadership development solution. Group coaching is designed to create impact in a range of areas such as deepening self-awareness of strengths and opportunity areas, learning how to lead their teams effectively, planning for their development, and aligning their purpose to organizational goals.
  • Our groups bring together a small group of leaders to learn from each other and our skilled facilitators & coaches for maximum impact.


Frequently Asked Questions

Executive coaching is a dynamic and co-created process between a coach and their client to help the client maximize their success and build capacity to add value in their own context and situation. Oftentimes, clients might expect a coach to “tell” them what to do, or how to solve a particular issue. Our coaches are experts in human psychology and the psychology of leadership and will lean on their expertise in these areas to make occasional recommendations. However, most of the time spent in a coaching engagement is designed to help leaders deepen their self-awareness and generate novel ideas to add value in their own situations. The success of a coaching engagement relies on the client being an active participant in the engagement - they will get what they put into the investment.

Coaching is an investment for any company to make, and the cost depends on several factors and on the type of engagement. 1:1 executive coaching costs significantly more than group coaching, for example, which is more scalable and usually shorter in duration. Executive team alignment coaching, on the other hand, is more expensive because team coaches have significant experience working with C-level teams and the engagements are longer-term: 6-12 months. If you have any concerns about the costs of executive coaching, there are ways we can partner with you to help you meet your needs within your budget.

Results from a coaching engagement can depend on the goals the client has for the engagement, but an outcome you can always expect is an increase in self-awareness. Self-awareness is key because it is one of the main predictors of leadership effectiveness.

Other results can include higher team performance through more effective communication and decision-making, increased leader inclusiveness, and increased motivation. Coaching is not a simple “on/off” switch for high performance. Sometimes, coaching can show its effectiveness months after a coaching engagement ends because a client may come to new insights about themselves and how they “show up” at work. These results become apparent as leaders learn new behaviors and experiment with them over time.

Many companies offer learning & development benefits to their employees. If you’re unsure, reach out to your HR Business Partner or Learning Partner to ask. Such benefits can usually be applied to pay for an executive coaching package.

In some cases, companies simply aren’t aware of the benefits of coaching, so may be hesitant to pay for a coaching package. If this is the case at your company, please contact the GM team directly, because we can help. We also recommend looking at the following resources to help you make your case.

The ROI of Coaching Building a Business Case