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An elite national executive search firm, GeniusMesh, assists businesses in using human resources to boost growth and market share. Our hands-on recruiters have a track record of success and have worked with a wide range of businesses in Kansas City, including private, public, pre-IPO, and non-profit organisations.

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Expert Executive Recruitment in Kansas City
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Businesses in Kansas City may depend on GeniusMesh, a top national executive search firm to help them find highly qualified executives. Our proactive recruiters have a wealth of knowledge working with private, public, pre-IPO, and nonprofit organisations. To assist our clients in scaling up, adding value, and achieving outcomes, we specialise in locating the top 1% of the executive pool.

Our team of professionals offers thorough recruitment services to customers with tons of annual revenues. We understand how important it is to choose the greatest executives to lead your company to success. Because of this, we are experts in placing top executives in director-level leadership positions as well as CEO, COO, and CFO positions across the full C-Suite.

Expertise in Key Areas

At GeniusMesh, our recruiters have specific knowledge in the following fields:

- Finance

- Logistics and Supply Chain

- Sales of enterprise software, including software as a service and managed services

- Healthcare 

- Hyper-growth private equity/venture capital-backed deals

Recent Executive Placements

Numerous industries, including technology, SaaS, healthcare,  financial services, sales,logistics and supply chain have benefited from our successful placement of executive candidates. Our most recent executive assignments include the following:

- Technical Accounting Director 

- Director of Risk Management

- Vice President, Total Rewards 

- Chief iOS

- Director, User Experience

- Human Resource Business Partner

Why Choose GeniusMesh?

At GeniusMesh, we understand the challenges that both job seekers and employers face in the current job market. To help connect top talent with the right employers, we've gathered some impressive statistics on the skills and experiences of our candidates. Here are some key data points that highlight the calibre of candidates you can expect to find through GeniusMesh:

  • Our applicants, who have an average of 15 years in their respective disciplines, provide a wealth of experience and knowledge to any organisation.
  • Our individuals are excellent for international positions and varied teams because an amazing 80% of them speak two or more languages fluently.
  • 77% of our applicants are at the director level or higher, demonstrating a track record of demonstrated management and leadership abilities.
  • Our applicants can adapt to a range of sectors and professions since they have at least nine transferable skills.
  • With these remarkable numbers, we are certain that we can assist in connecting companies with the finest talent that precisely matches their requirements and desires.

GeniusMesh, the leading executive search service in Kansas City, has the knowledge, experience, and resources to assist your company in locating the most qualified executives to fuel the growth of your business.Contact us for more details!

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